Onboarding Flat Fee Rx Agent

Fast start strategies to empower you for real residual success!


Thanks for making the smart decision to join our Flat Fee Rx Membership team! Building a synergistic team not only enables us to positively impact the lives of many but also ensures substantial financial success along the way when we work the positions.


“The cost of retail prescription drugs has become a top health policy issue for consumers and policymakers. KFF polling from July 2023 found that more than 1 in 4 adults taking prescription drugs report difficulty affording their medication, including 40% of those with household incomes of less than $40,000 per year.”

“Spending on retail prescription drugs has risen rapidly over the past three decades.”

“Retail prescription drugs account for a significant share of health spending for privately insured.”

“82% of adults say the cost of prescription drugs is unreasonable.”

CUSTOMERS | Slashing monthly prescription medication costs is a smart move because it not only prioritizes one’s health but also appeals to the practical desire to save money, making it a savvy choice for individuals conscious of their well-being and their wallet.

AGENTS | Entrepreneurs will love our offer because it empowers them to effortlessly sell a product centered around savings, a compelling proposition that resonates strongly in the market and aligns with their knack for smart business choices.


While passive income can be earned without constant active involvement, residual income relies on the initial work or investment, which continues to generate income over time. Both passive income and residual income offer opportunities for financial independence and building wealth. You can literally earn money while you sleep with our Flat Fee Rx Membership program!

PRO TIP: Memorize this quote and share it with people when talking about becoming an Agent and our phenomenal compensation plan that allows everyone to generate income while asleep!


Look for your welcome email. Subject line says Kickstart Your Journey with DAC. Inside you’ll find your Agent IDUsernameReferral Links for each of the products you can earn from via referrals. You will also find the Back Office Link and credentials. Bookmark the link and add a fast shortcut to your desktop, tablet, phone etc.

PRO TIP: Save this email and flag or pin it to the top of your email inbox for quick reference. It contains each of your links for accessing the back office and referring people to each of the offers, etc.


Your goal is to consistently get your Rx website in front of as many targeted people as possible. You have to put your offer in front of people. A steady stream of targeted people seeing your website is the key.

PRO TIP: Set a daily goal and focus on it with unrelenting tenacity. You are building a team and a check at the same time. The more people you share your offer with the bigger your check will be! And remember, this is residual income that builds on itself exponentially when you remain dedicated and persistent. You can literally give yourself a raise every single day!


You need a unique domain name that forwards people to your Rx Membership referral link to make it easier for you and everyone you share your site with to avoid lost referrals. Your domain name should be on every business card, flyer, brochure, email signature, poster, etc.


Your Back Office contains many resources to help you quickly grow your Flat Fee Rx Business. We will look at how to set up your online pay account, monitor your team activity in real-time, brand business cards, flyers, brochures, attend live training, review training videos, and more!

PRO TIP: As you start getting Customers and Agents you will become more engaged and excited throughout each day, as you log in and watch your stats counts rise, you will realize your income is also rising! Let it motivate and inspire you. Also, make sure to encourage and offer support to everyone on your team! Acknowledge your superstars and encourage those who are on their way.


You need to set up a free online account in order to receive payment for activity within your team. Rellevate is a Digital Banking, Payment & Disbursement Service.


Ready made templates can be found in your DAC Agent Resource Center by clicking Agent Resource Center from the left menu and then Flat Fee Rx under the Healthcare Division on the blue menu bar at the top of the page. Watch the How To Customize Video to discover how to easily and quickly brand the items with your websiteQR Code, your namephone, etc. I also like to put the words “Humans and Pets” or “Your Pets Are Covered Also” somewhere prominently as well.



PRO TIP: Always have business cards in your pocket, and flyers / brochures in your vehicle. Always be ready so you don’t have to get ready.  If you personally hand out just 10 business cards per day you have 3,650 opportunities to build your team and your check every year with a very simple action! If you don’t ask, the answer is always no!


The key to your success is to implement our exponential strategy for rapid team growth to enjoy multiple Agents and Customers from each person / entity rather than trying to build a team one person / entity at a time. IMPORTANTYou must mention they need to work each position in order to benefit from the strategy.

PRO TIP: Find a way to get the person emotionally and psychologically connected and committed to the strategy of multiple positions when applicable. This will motivate them to work the positions and build their team and yours quickly in the process! YOUR GOAL SHOULD BE TO HAVE 100 PERSONAL AGENTS AND 100 PERSONAL CUSTOMERS.


Always approach every conversation with the agenda in mind of signing up multiple Agent positions if possible as your team building strategy. It makes no sense to sign up one agent at a time and leave money and a MUCH larger team on the table in the process when you can very easily avoid it. Always be thinking in terms of MAXIMIZING THE COMPENSATION PLAN!

PRO TIP: Your goal should be to find as many of these scenarios to sign people / businesses up in as possible because they can rapidly and exponentially multiply for you like crazy! Hair Salons | Barber Shops | Chiropractors | Offices, etc.


In order to enjoy accelerated Customer sign ups you must be assertive in your marketing approach. A great example is the placement of posters and / or flyers inside targeted businesses who serve a steady flow of customers on a daily basis who will most likely be interested in our offer. Chiropractor, Dentist, Spine Clinic, Salon, Doctor’s Office, Gym, etc. See example of one of our team member’s who placed an acrylic stand with a flyer and his business cards inside the patient waiting area of a spine clinic.

PRO TIP: A great way to approach a business when asking permission to place your flyer, is to explain how they can become an agent for FREE in less than 5 minutes and directly benefit from the flyer / poster placement while helping their customers without any out-of-pocket expense. This is also more of an incentive for them to leave it displayed long-term. NOTE: The easier you make it for them to place the flyer / poster, the more likely they are to agree to placement. 


You should immediately create an email signature with this image linked to your domain. Then as you send and reply to daily emails your offer is always front and center automatically. This can get you multiple Agents and Customers week after week.


“This is __________. Your call is important and I look forward to connecting with you. Leave your best number for a callback. In the meantime… if you’re spending more than $20 monthly on prescription meds, I can save you the difference! Check out _______________________.com to join thousands of other satisfied customers who are getting their prescriptions free every month!”


At roughly .04 per highly targeted household, Valpak gives you a lot of bang for your buck! With one phone call you can schedule a targeted mailing in your local or national area! NOTE: Make sure to explain to your Valpak rep that you want to target households that most likely don’t already have great insurance plans which likely cover most if not all their prescriptions. You want to target those who perhaps don’t have those plans and would welcome the prescription savings.

PRO TIP: Just one Valpak mailing per month allows you to reach roughly 120,000+ highly targeted people per year! This is how you ensure team growth while encouraging everyone on your team to follow your example. You can mail to one zone or multiple zones and get your costs down to less than half of one mailing per zone!


The 85% Rule is something every local business owner knows. 85% of their business comes from within a 5 mile radius of their front door. Restaurant owners are always looking for ways to get more customers and word of mouth, etc. My course has everything you need to easily and quickly find restaurants to agree to take 10,000 mats for free for display on their tables, contract, forms, etc. as well as many ways to use some ad space for yourself for free, plus easily put an average of $1,600 in your pocket for just a few days of easy effort. A minimum of 10,000 locals are guaranteed to see your ad(s) for free!

PRO TIP: A great way to approach this is to sign the restaurant owner up personally as an agent, then sign his restaurant up as an agent under his personal link. Then put his restaurant agent link on the mats to build his and your team quickly!


Vehicle magnets are a simple set it and forget it strategy that can yield consistent Customers and Agents on auto pilot allowing you to effortlessly share your marketing message wherever you go! You can also use the same recommended company to get 90 different types of signs! Save 15%. NOTE: Ask your accountant about writing off travel / trip expenses for your vehicle since you are using it to promote your business! : )

PRO TIP: Always be mindful of where you park when you have these signs on your vehicle to best leverage yourself for maximum view. More views equal more interest. More interest equals more site visitors, More site visitors equals more Customers and Agents. More customers and agents equals bigger checks!


Placing flyers on vehicles is a tried and tested old school marketing strategy that can be highly effective when done properly. The key is to resist blanketing every vehicle in sight hoping for volume. It’s always better to seek placement where you are more likely to connect with those who would appreciate the value in our offer. Some good examples might be Walmart, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Doctor’s office, Chiropractor’s office etc.

PRO TIP: Always be mindful of which vehicles you place flyers on to maximize and leverage your best potential results. High-end vehicles probably have owners who already have good insurance plans that cover most If not all prescriptions. Focus on vehicles who’s owners are more likely to appreciate and value of the monthly savings our program offers.


A well placed full page ad in select targeted magazines can perform very well. Readers of specific magazines tend to be open as long as you are smart when you choose which magazines and readership to present your offer to. Once you have found a magazine that delivers consistent results, find another and then another and keep them going! This is how you build a HUGE team and a HUGE check!

PRO TIP: Always be mindful of the magazine readership. Target readers who are more likely to be in the age range of those who require prescription medications. Other things to consider is average household income to target those who will value saving money each month who may not have a good insurance plan covering most or even all of their prescriptions.


Postcards are an awesome way to share our offer directly to prospects. The key is to make sure you are doing it in the most cost effective manner. An advantage of mailing postcards is every recipient sees your offer one on one. A good strategy is to mail at least 1,000 postcards per week.

PRO TIP: If you are on my leads team either by joining with me direct or through one of our team members, you can access some amazing money saving resources and literally save BIG bucks on each mailing! With our resources you can mail 1,000 postcards including full color printing, mailing labels, and stamps for just $227. We pay only .09 per stamp for the same exact stamps you would otherwise pay .60+ in your local post office! Call me or the person you joined our lead program with and ask them about this!


Dropcards are a super effective old school marketing strategy, that when utilized correctly, can yield amazing results, due to their highly targeted instant engagement! These are great for large events and even smaller gatherings. Proper placement and prep are keys to success. I highly recommend using Dropcards and I always have multiple bags of them in my truck year round.

PRO TIP: I created the best how-to DVD out there about all the best ways to strategically use Dropcards. I show you how in this full-length, two-hour DVD covering how to prepare them, how to properly place them, where to place them, where to get the most realistic looking ones, best ways to market with them and so much more! You’ll see hidden video footage of me placing them in real-time, people picking them up within seconds and I even interview a number of them right after and what they share might really get you excited about the many benefits of using Dropcards!


I’ve got over 200 real authentic genealogy lead lists that were taken from the back offices of high profile companies just prior to people leaving. They logged into their back office and downloaded their team organization! I also have just a hair under 13 million full data networkers with name, email, cell phone, and mailing address. Both have demonstrated their ability to take decisive ACTION when they see something they like. These leads are perfect for presenting both our flat fee prescription program and also to become agents! Why waste time trying to sift through MANY to find the few who might be interested when instead you can FOCUS on proven ACTION takers?

 PRO TIP: Ask any good networker and they will tell you it’s MUCH easier to approach like-minded networkers than it is to approach cold people without any experience in successful team building. This is why MANY top producers and income earners come to me to get leads to build their organizations the smart way. WITH THIS PROVEN SYSTEM I CREATED, I GENERATED $31,000.+ IN 2 DAYS AND ANOTHER $28,000 IN 2 DAYS. IF YOU ALREADY JOINED OUR TEAM FOR EITHER LEADS SYSTEM THEN BE SURE TO GET BACK WITH THE PERSON YOU JOINED WITH. IF NOT, CALL ME ASAP AFTER YOU REVIEW THE LINKS AND I’M HAPPY TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS AND HELP YOU MAKE VERY SERIOUS MONEY!


What if you could have people gather in your area that are currently paying for monthly prescriptions?  It doesn’t get any more targeted than than having consumers standing in line to purchase prescriptions! Especially when we know most of them are overpaying and we can save them big money each month! I use this one all the time. When I go buy groceries I go straight to the Pharmacy aisle. Of course I’ve always got business cards on me. I’ve also taken in a few dozen brochures and handed them out discreetly to targeted people. Before I head for the cashier to check out, I always go back through the Pharmacy aisle and repeat what I did earlier with new people!

PRO TIP: Building a HUGE team and a HUGE check requires working smarter and consistently. Your daily goal should be to personally hand out as many business cards and flyers, and brochures as possible. As you do you will see your team growing and your check growing month to month. These things will motivate you to keep going. Make a game out of it. Map out where the pharmacies are in your area. Start with one and hit each of them during the week day. Do it again on a Saturday. Figure out when the most people are standing in line so eventually you will know the best times to go to each!


“If you’re paying more than $20 a month on prescriptions, I can save you the difference.”

If they say yes… “For a flat fee an individual only pays $20 a month. An entire household including pets only pays $30. Here’s a brochure that explains the benefits and where you can go to look up your meds and confirm they are FREE!”

If they say no… “I understand. I’m on a mission to help as many people save on their prescriptions as possible. Do you know some people who are paying more than $20 a month and perhaps could use a break and get all of their prescriptions for free?” If they say yes…“Great. Here’s a few brochures. I would greatly appreciate you passing these on to them and letting them know they can call me with any questions.”

PRO TIP: Instead of approaching individual people with the agenda of giving them your business card or brochure, think about the ripple effect of when you toss a stone into a body of water. Think about it in terms of being able to reach multiple people per interaction instead of only one to maximize your reach and build your team and your check faster!


Sales confidence is like the secret sauce in business – it’s what makes customers believe in our product and trust you. When you are confident, it not only helps seal the deal but also lets you handle objections like a pro. Acting with assurance makes you look like the expert, and it’s a game-changer when it comes to closing deals and building lasting connection. So, in the end, confidence isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s the key to hitting those sales goals and making real connections. The beauty of our offer is that our product literally is savings so it’s a much easier offer to share with far less objections.

 PRO TIP: Knowing your offer always helps you present it better and avoid any uncomfortable interactions that could cause people to be put off and say now where they otherwise may have said YES! Take the time to watch all of the team training videos in your back office. If you are ever hit with a question you do not know the answer to simply say… “that’s a great question. I’ll get the answer and get back to you soon.” Then, at your earliest convenience get the answer and lock it into memory so you always have it in the future. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE…  have your spouse or friends quiz you on your offer and practice responding to them until it’s second nature and you can instantly respond with confidence.


A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management system, is a tool that helps salespeople organize and manage customer information, interactions, and deals in one central platform. Salespeople should always use a CRM to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and gain valuable insights, ultimately boosting efficiency and driving more successful sales outcomes. In short, it’s a must have if you’re serious about building a huge team and a huge check.

PRO TIP: Use the #1 rated CRM I helped develop and have been using since 2009. They utilize 4 of my features on their platform and with this CRM I have been blessed to have earned millions over the years. I offer a one-on-one 4 hour virtual training session where I show you how to use it, go over the features, and show you how you can increase your productivity by 447%! The difference between using this CRM and not using it is the number of zeroes on your check.



This is a great way to improve your people skills. remember the strategy of handing out multiple cards per person if possible.



This can explode your business and cause you to rack up MANY customers in record time! Be consistent with it.



This is crucial in getting multiple ongoing customers on auto pilot week after week! Leverage their business traffic!



This strategy is highly effective and is like shooting fish in a barrel!



This is a great way to reach many within a few days. Be consistent with this one to yield consistent results.



This strategy allows you to leverage the power of groups to exponentially grow your team and your check!



The more brochures you hand out to targeted people the faster your team will grow and the bigger your check will be!



Developing people skills comes from repetitive interactions and experience with multiple personalities, etc.



Consistently sharing your offer is what grows your team and your check!








MONTHLY EARNING PER CUSTOMER! * Percentage is based on $10 out of each Customer.

0-39 $2.00
40-59 $2.50
60-79 $3.00
80-99 $3.50
100-149 $4.00
150-199 $4.50
200+ $5.00


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